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Overview of SPARK-SCALA:

RR Technosoft is one of the best Spark-SCALA training institute in KPHB,Hyderabad.We provide the best training for Spark-SCALA with an experienced faculty with course material and 24*7 lab facility.

SCALA is a high-level programming language which is a combination of object-oriented programming and functional programming. It is highly scalable which is why it is called Scala.

Apache Spark is one of the most active open source big data projects. Apache spark provides increased access to Big Data.The reason behind popularity spark is its versatility and diversity of use.This Spark-Scala course makes you understand how to use apache spark to run the big data services. This course is even a fundamental base for big data and parallel computing.

Spark&SCALA training course includes understanding the Apache Spark Applications ,concepts of Machine Learning and Graph X,Yarn Cluster and Mesos Cluster,setup HortonWorks VM, Spark Scala API, Apache Spark schedule etc

Learning Apache Spark is essential for grabbing lucrative jobs in the field of Big Data such as Data Scientist, Data Engineer. Learn the in detail with our Spark training in Hyderabad and master the techniques to build Big Data applications. .